Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roses in my garden (in Southern California: Hot & Dry weather)

Best Ones (these flowers are not only handsome but will stay there in full bloom for a long time):
  • Color Magic: opening flat sometimes in cluster, not fade or wither under the sunlight
  • St Patrick: rose with green hue, and best yet, the blossom will stay there until you get tire of it.
  • First Prize: name says it all, huge rose in pink
  • Ingrid Bergman: Best Red Rose (better than Mr Lincoln)
  • Henry Fonda:Very yellow rose, never stop blooming
  • Fourth of July: Magic of Stripe
  • Donna Darlin: Better than Perfect moment or Rio Samba in its color class, child of double-delight, but better than it when it comes to withstand the heat.

Good (there flowers will make you like them):
  • Redgold: oldies but very vigorous, never stop blooming
  • Olympiad: bloom a lot and stay for a couple weeks
  • Opening Night: same category as Olympiad
  • Full Sail: huge white blossom
  • French Lace: white with coffee hue in early stage, flowers stay long time
  • Gold Medal: gold yellow turns white
  • Judy Garland: sometimes it will turns out wonderful yellow red clusters surprising you
  • Love: Red/Pink with white/silver reverse, blossom won't fade away or get blow away easily
  • Knockout: fiercely pink flower blossom in a relay
  • betty prior: fewer petal might not mean worse, same category as Knockout
  • Perfume Tiger: never stop blooming striped roses
  • Lady In red (Veteran's Honor): more fiercely red and bigger than Olympiad
  • Rainbow's End: Rainbow (Colorful)
  • Iceberg, Brilliant Pink, & Burgundy ones
  • Carefree spirit (lots of flowers in red and pink reverse)
  • Showbiz: better than Trumpeter
  • Dick Clark

Roses with Stripes:
  • All American magic*, Citrus Splash, Fourth of July*, Earth quake, George Burns, Orange n Lemon*, Perfume Tiger*, Purple Tiger, Rock n Roll, Scentimental (* are the ones worth planting)

Average but famous Roses( They smell nice and good looking but not able to stay long enough):
  • Double Delight,
  • Mr. Lincoln,
  • Heirloom,
  • Angel Face,
  • blue girl,
  • Medallion.
  • Peace
  • Sunsprite
So-so but AARS:
  • Love&Peace
  • Elle
  • Intrigue
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Easy Does It
  • Livin Easy/Easy Does it
  • Sunset Celebration
  • Just Joey
  • Bonica (lot of flower, probably can hold the world record)
  • Perfume delight,
  • Mirandy,
  • Orchid Masterpiece (like stock, does it ever have a bloom),
  • Queen Elizabeth (Very famous, but not able to withstand the strong sunlight)
  • Granada: will fade and wither away when sunlight hit
  • Arizona (always struggle with Mildew)
  • Delta Gold: Child of Arizona, seems having same issue, not very vigorous plant
  • Maggie Barry: fade in the sunlight quicker than you think, Color Magic is way better.
Worst Roses:
  • Pat Austin (take 1~2 month for it to bloom, but flower only stay for 1~2 day , then wither away fast when sunlight hit and flower is always face-down, purely water-wasting and time-wasting to cut the spent flower)